Feature in LOCAL Houston Magazine: June 2016 Edition

I had the honor of being featured in LOCAL Houston Magazine's June 2016 edition. A thoughtful and flattering article written by Carla Valencia de Martinez covers the front page spread of the LOCAL's ART section, highlighting my Lipstick Painting series and effort to raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Houston-based artist KATHERINE MASON creates beautiful renderings of a woman's body to raise money for Breast Cancer, using donated lipstick tubes to entirely create each work. The series allows women from all over the United States to be involved in her work. Mason shares, "I have always wanted to start a series that infused both my love for art as well as philanthropy. During the time I was brainstorming what I wanted me series to be, I had numerous friends that were diagnosed with breast cancer. I wanted to experiment with lipstick because a friend of mine would always apply lipstick before going into her chemotherapy treatments. She told me that it was one thing that made her feel beautiful and strong again."
Mason's work is beautiful in its composition, provoking an emotional reaction. The details and attention to them are provocative depictions of the human form, like studies of the female anatomy created in a studio class. "The lipsticks that I use have been donated by men and women around the U.S.,mostly in honor or in memory of someone who has battled or is currently battling breast cancer.I use between 12-15 different shades per piece." The pieces are so touching in their ability to capture the spirit of these women.
Mason hopes to show 8-10 pieces in October 2017 for Breast Cancer Awareness month and is looking for a venue to donate their space for the show. Proceeds from all sales will be donated tot he National Breast Cancer Foundation.

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